Volunteer Spotlight

My name is Nathan Stumme and I will be a Senior at Algona High this fall.   I first got involved with Kossuth Connections at the start of my junior year.  I got involved with this organization because I had multiple friends that were involved and I wanted to advocate for the same things Kossuth Connections promotes.  

Through Kossuth Connections, I have attended Day on the Hill in Des Moines.  I advocated for the social host bill and it eventually passed through as a law in Iowa this spring.  I have assisted with volunteer events through Kossuth Connections and attend monthly meetings to talk about our plans.

Some of my favorite memories through Kossuth Connections come from our monthly meetings.  I enjoy talking with everyone about how to make our county a safer and better environment to live in.  It's really fun when everyone has the same idea in mind!

I also enjoyed going to Day on the Hill and talking with our legislators.  I chose to join Kossuth Connections because I think it promotes positive values.  I think others should join Kossuth Connections because it is a fun time and we benefit the community through our activities.  

Nathan is also an employee at the Caddyshack, a youth run business owned by Kossuth Connections. He has helped present information to the Burt City Council and advocates to prevent underage alcohol use.