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Kossuth Connections currently works with youth development in the following areas:

Youth Council 

Check out our Youth Council video  to see what we do!

 The student led activities and events are planned through monthly meetings that are facilitated by the Youth D
ent Coordinator, Jodee Goche.  Youth council members are in middle school and high school and meet month in Algona and Bancroft.  The students are involved in leadership development and community engagement activities.  If you are interested in learning more or participating in the youth councils, you can email Jodee at jodee@kossuthconnections.com
Substance abuse education and prevention 
Community events such as annual town hall meetings, Drug Take Back events, and In the Know sessions are held facilitated by Kossuth Connections staff.  If you are interested in hearing more about our activities, you can contact Angie at kossuthconnections@gmail.com
Youth programs
Girls Circle - The program is a structured group that allows girls to build positive connections to their peers and develop confidence and personal growth.  
Life Skills - An evidence-based prevention program that is available to schools interested in addressing prevention and promoting positive youth development.
RC Car Club -  Kossuth Connections received funding from the Governor's STEM Initiative for Remote Control Cars and holds meetings monthly at the North Union Middle School and at the Summit Center in Bancroft.  

The programs are delivered by Project Coordinator, Jodee Goche.  If you are interested in more information regarding these programs, you can contact Jodee at jodee@kossuthconnections.com or (515) 320-1922.  For more information about these programs, you can also go to the Girls Circle and Life Skills websites.
Our organization likes to promote events and feature students through newsletters and social media.  To allow us to use your student's photo, we require a signed permission form.  This form will inform us if you want your student's picture included or not included in our media.  Please click on Parent photo release and sign and return through email to jodee@kossuthconnections.com 
Kossuth Connections also works to reduce the access
and educate the county on alcohol and drugs in the through
- Town hall meetings
- Community Forums
- Providing equipment to law enforcement
- Providing permanent drug drop locations
- Providing programs such as Life Skills,     Overcoming Obstacles and Girls Circle
- Sponsoring local youth councils
- Providing information to businesses and alcohol outlets

- Caddyshack Miniature Golf Course - The Caddyshack is open during the summer months and will begin taking applications April 2016 for summer youth employment. 
Application for youth summer employment
Please submit the application and completed I-9 with identification
Forms can be emailed to kossuthconnections@gmail. com  You can contact Angie at 515 320-0585 if you have questions about the application process. 

About Our Organization

Volunteers are very important to the success of our organization.  Due to the volunteer work, we are able to work with youth after school and engage youth with service clubs and other organizations.  Volunteers bring awareness to the needs of youth and our community.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers can email Jodee at jodee@kossuthconnections.com for volunteer opportunities or call Kossuth Connections at 320-1922 for information. 

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